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Freshly made Cocktails & wide selection of Beers & Spirits in Goswell Hill

Here at Charley’s Horse, Mexican Restaurant, Cocktail Bar & Night Club in Windsor UK we are not only known for great Mexican food but our Drinks too. We are a late bar in central Windsor ,and, probably one of Windsor’s most loved Cocktail Bars too. Whether your dining with us, or, out for drink in ‘The Arches’, we can make any occasion special, do take a look at our mouthwatering selection

The Bar which is open to non diners too is stocked with a wide range of Mexican beers, and Tequilas, and, not to mention an extensive selection of cocktails.

Bartender Choice : May I recommend one of our Signature Cocktails, it’s mixology at it’s finest! And those that know,… we are famous for our Margaritas, a subtle blend of Tequila, Triple Sec and our very own Lemon Mix…. How do you take yours? Blended, on the rocks with salt?

Shake it Baby

Charley’s Horse is renowned for its cocktails mixed by our experience bar tenders. Please click to download our charleys-horse-cocktail-menu-22-11-16

charleys-horse-cocktail-menu-22-11-16Cocktail Menu 1

If you are new to Cocktails why not choose one of our
Signature Cocktails :
Pink Mojito
PS I Love You
Newport Code Breaker
Woo Woo

Go Premium
If your really pushing the boat out why not ask the bartender for Premium spirits to enhance the taste of your cocktails

Pitch in – Selected cocktails are available in pitchers, so even better value

Bottled Beers
Not only do we stock refreshing Mexican beers, we have a wide range of the best International beers for you to choose from too. Now stocking…. Peroni and Italian fine beer.

Tequilas & Mezcals
As the only Mexican Bar in Windsor were are the preferred choice for Tequilas and Mezcals. Give them a try, you’ll discover like Brandy, or Whiskey production, they differ noticeably in flavour and are to be sipped rather the ‘downed’

Tequila & Mezcals are regional specific names for a distilled beverage made from the native plants the blue agave and maguey respectively
Blanco/Plata a tequila that has bottled soon after after distillation
Reposado a tequila that has been aged in an oak barrels typical 2 to 12 months
Anejo a tequila that has been aged in small oak barrels typical 1 to 3 years
Mezcal has a distinct smokey flavour as the maguey plant is roasted before fermentation
Con Gusano Tequila or Mezcal with worm

Charley says, “Why not discover why Mexicans call Tequilas & Mezcals ‘aguardiente’……..Literally fire water, or, fiery water! It’s the real flavour of Mexico!”

Our range of spirits, start with excellent House spirits through to premium brands. And specially for our connoisseurs, we now stock :-

  • Hendricks Gin; an unique, pink-tinged gin infused with rose petals, cucumber & botanicals
  • Kraken Rum; a dark spiced Caribbean rum
  • Belvedere; a Polish quadruple-distilled rye vodka
  • Grey Goose; a wheat-based small-batch ultra-premium vodka from Cognac, France

Please lick to download our Beer & Spirits Menu 1 & Beer & Spirits Menu 2

We have a range of shots and shooters for you to sample, ideal for groups to toast, or, celebrate an occasion to. Do take a look a look at our Shots Menu

A choice of Wines, sparkling Wines and Champagnes to compliment your meal. Our House wines are served by the glass in 125ml, 175ml & 250ml measures

Please click to download our Wine Menu 1 & Wine Menu 2

Look forward to seeing you, and do enjoy your time with us responsibly